Regarding the above subject and reference, it is to be mentioned that, as stated in the letter of K. Nanda Kishore (IAS) (Retd), Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation dated 21/06/2011, it is stated to recommend for nomination for the 25th Mahavir Awards from Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation. . Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation is a public charitable trust established in 1994 by Shri N. Sugalchand Jain.


To nurture, encourage and honor the individuals and organizations engaged in providing selfless service to the society and to encourage others to follow too so the Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation has established annual Mahavir Awards in the following four areas, each worth Rs. 10,00,000 (Rs. One million), a testimonial and a memento,


1. Non-Violence and Vegetarian ED 2. Education 3. Medicine 4. Community and Social Service Venkatachalitern. Recipients of the award are selected by a jury headed by 20 Armies of 21 States and Union Territories have been honored, awards are given at ceremonial ceremonies by eminent persons like the President of India, Vice President of India, Governors, Chief Ministers etc.

Website A lot of people volunteering in the community. Individuals and organizations come to mind. Considerable for the 25th Mahavira Awards. Individuals or organizations are advised to send their names and addresses to or to our addresses mentioned above. The details have been asked to be sent before 20th September.


Considering the letter involved in this matter, all the schools under your control are hereby asked to give necessary instructions from your level. Enclosure: – Deputy Director of Education up to Maam Payat as above

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