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Ambedkar jayanti-Festival of indiai-celebration-Walpaper


April 14th is celebrated as birthday of Sri Ambedkar all over India.

 It is declared a public holiday on this day.

 Dalit organizations of India celebrate the day to pay tribute to this great leader.

 Huge processions and rallies are taken on and several cultural programs are organized.

 Statues are decorated and political leaders offer obligations to him.

Dalit melas are organized and prayers and meetings are held.

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Ambedkar jayanti-Festival of india--Life&Warks-Image

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar or simply B.R. Ambedkar was born on April 14, 1891 at Military Headquarter of War in Madhya Pradesh. He was the architect of Indian Constitution and is also known as the “Father of Indian Constitution”.


Dr. Ambedkar was more than Indian Jurist. He was philosopher, thinker, historian, prolific writer, editor and Buddhist activist. He joined the freedom struggle of India and entered politics in 1936.

 He founded ‘Independent Labour Party’ of India. He published several books for the upliftment of Dalits, some of them are: The Annihilation of Caste; The Untouchables: A Thesis on the Origins of Untouchability; Who are Shudras etc.

After India got its independence, the new congress-led government invited Ambedkar to be the nation’s first Law Minister. 

On August 29, 1945 Ambedkar was appointed as Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee and was charged to write free India’s new constitution.

He died on 26th December 1956. Dr. Ambedkar was honoured with Bharat Ratna in 1990. It is the highest Indian civil award.
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Ramnavmi-Festival of india-Slok-Image-life-Importance

Festival of Ramnavmi

"Raama Raama Raameti Rame Raame Manorame.
Sahasranaama Tattulyam Raamanaama Varaanane.


The festival of Ram Navami is the celebration of birthday of the Hindu God, Shri Ram. Shri Ram was the seventh incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu and born in Ayodha, an ancient Indian city. Lord Rama is revered by Hindus all over as the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband and above all, the ideal king. On the day of Rama Navami the birth of Rama is remembered for his prosperous and righteous reign.
Rama Navami is celebrated on the ninth day of Hindu month of Chaitra (April). Ram Navami marks the end of nine day long festival called Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri. On this auspicious day devotees observes fasting, visits temples to offer special prayers, takes religious processions and the special readings of Ramayana are also hold.

  • Ramas  Life

   Rama, the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Vishnu, is an all-time favorite among Hindu deities. The most popular symbol of chivalry and virtue, Rama the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband and above all, the ideal king. The heroic deeds of Rama and his exciting adventures have inspired generations of people.

  • Importance Of  Ram Navami
A Ram devotee keep a strict fast on Ram Navami, because the Ram Navami vrata is considered to be one of the five most important vratas in the ancient times. According to the ancient religious texts, it is imperative for every devotee to observe the Ram Navami vrat, as it is the only easy mean of gaining happiness in the material world and achieving salvation at the same time.
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Ram navmi2013-Fastival of India-Image-information



Ram Navami

Ramnavami occurs in the month of March. Celebrations begin with a prayer to the Sun early in the morning. At midday, when Lord Rama is supposed to have been born, a special prayer is performed. In northern India especially, an event that draws popular participation is the Ramnavami procession.
    The occurrence of this syllable in most names used for Rama alongwith other clues is strongly.
suggestive that the festival Ramnavami antedates the R- ayana and it must have originated much before the Ramayana, as a 'Sun-festival' for invoking the Sun who was recognised as the source of light and heat even in ancient times. The importance of the Sun was much more in the higher latitudes from where the Aryans are supposed to have migrated into India. Many royal dynasties potrayed symbols of virility like the Sun, Eagle, Lion etc. as their progenitor. Rama's dynasty considered themselves to have descended from the Sun. This could have led to the tagging on, of Rama's birthday to a festival devoted to the sun.

Ram Navami


          Sri-Ramnavami is dedicated to the memory of Lord Rama. It occurs on the ninth day (navami). The festival commemorates the birth of Rama who is remembered for his preperous and righteous reign. Ramrajya (the reign of Rama) has become synonymous with a period of peace and prosperity. Mahatma Gandhi also used this term to describe how, according to him, India should be after independence.

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Navratri-Special-Vrat Recipes

Vrat Recipes
                                                           SINGHARE KE PAKORE


mango powder

1/2 cup chestnut flour 

10-12 small squares of pumpkin 

oil for frying 

2 potatoes, cut into thin round slices 

11/2 tsp salt

How to make singhare ke pakore 

Mix the flour and salt.

Then slowly mix in water to make a smooth paste.

Dip the slices of potatoes and pumpkin in this paste, one by one.

Heat up oil in a deep frying pan.

Deep fry the potatoe and pumpkin slices in the oil.

Sprinkle with some chaat masala or amchur powder and serve immdediately.
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Navratri2016- Amba Mata HD Images-Greetings

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Navratri Garba video
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Navratri2016-Aarti Songs-Image

Navratri Aarti Songs
Jai Ambe Gauri Maiyaa

Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri
Nishdin tumko dhyaavat, Hari Brahmaa Shivji,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Maang sindur biraajat, tiko mrigmadko,
Ujjvalse do naina, chandravadan niko,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Kanak saman kalevar, raktaambar raje,
Raktapushp galmaala, kanthhaar saje,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Kehari vaahan rajat, khadg khappar dhari
sur nar munijan sevat, tinke dukhahaari,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Kaanan kundal shobhit, naasagre moti
Kotik chandra divaakar, samraajat jyoti,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Shumbh- nishumbh vidaare, MahishaaSur ghatia
Dhumra-vilochan naina, nishdin madmati
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Brahmaani, Rudraani tum Kamalaa Raani,
Agam-nigam bakhaani. tum Shiv patraani,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Chaunsath yogini gaavat, nritya karat Bhairon,
Baajat tab mridanga, aur bajat damru,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Tum ho jag ki maataa, tum hi ho bhartaa,
Bhaktan ki dukh hartaa, sukh sampati kartaa,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Bhujaa char ati shobhit, var mudraa dhaari,
Manvaanchhit phal paavat, sevak nar naari,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Kanchan thaal virajat, agaru kapur baati
Malketu men rajat, kotiratan jyoti,
Jai Ambe Gauri maiyaa, jai Shyaama Gauri

Ma Jay Aadya Shakti 
 Jaya aadhya shakti,
Maa jaya aadhya shakti,
Akhand brahmand nibhavyan (2x),
Padave pragatyan ma,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Dwitiya bay swaroop,
Shiva shakti janoo,
Maa shiva shakti janoo,
Bramha ganapati gaavun (2x),
Har gaavun har maa
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Tritiya tran swaroop,
Tribhuvan man betha,
Maa tribhuvan man betha,
Traya thaki taraveni (2x),
Tun taraveni maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Chote chatura mahalaxmi,
Sacharachar vyapya,
Maa sacharachar vyapya,
Char bhuja chau deesha (2x),
Pragatya dakshina maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Panchame pancha rushi,
Panchame goon padame,
Maa panchame goon padame,
Pancha sahast tyan sohiya (2x),
Panche tatwo maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Shasthi tun narayani,
Mahisasur maaryo,
Maa mahisasur maaryo,
Nar naree na roope (2x),
Vyapa saghade maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Saptami sapta pataal,
Sandhya saveetri,
Maa sandhya saveetri,
Gau ganga gayatree (2x),
Gauri geeta maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Asthami astha bhooja,
Aayee ananda,
Maa ayee ananda,
Surinar moonivar janamya (2x),
Devo daityo maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Navami navakul naag,
Seve navadurga,
Maa seve navadurga,
Navaratri naa poojan,
Shivratri naa arachan,
Kidha nar brahma,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Dashami dash avatar,
Jay vijaya dashmi,
Maa jay vijaya dashmi,
Rame ram ramadya (2x),
Ravan rodyo maa,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Ekadashi agiyarash,
Katyayani kaamaa,
Maa katyayani kaamaa,
Kaam doorga kalika(2x),
Shyama ne raama,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Barase bala roop,
Bahuchari amba maa,
Maa bahuchari amba maa,
Batuk bhairava sohiye (2x),
Tara chhe tuja,
Maa jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Terase tulaja roop,
Tun taruni mata,
Maa tun taruni mata,
Brahma vishnu sadashiv (2x),
Guna tara gata,
Om Jay Om Jay Om Maa Jagadambe

Chaudashe chauda roop,
Chandi chamunda,
Maa chandi chamunda,
Bhava bhakti kain aapo,
Potani kai stapho,
Sinha vahani,
Maa jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

Shivashakti ne aarti,
Je koyee gaashe,
Maa je bhaave gaashe,
Bhane shivananda swami(2x),
Sukha sampati thaassey,
Har kailashe jaashe,
Maa amba dukha harashe,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Eke ek swaroop,
Antar nava darasho,
Maa antar nava darasho,
Bhola bhoodar na bhajata,
Maa amba ne bhajata,
Bhavasaagar tarasho,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe

Bhava na janoo,
Bhakti na janoo seva,
Maa na janoo seva,
Mata na daas ne raakho(2x),
Charnamrit leva,
Om jay om jay om maa jagadambe.

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Navratri2012 -Festival of india- About Durgapooja-Greetings

Navratri Durgapooja

Durga is a form of Parvati, Shiva's wife. Durga is depicted riding on a tiger, wielding weapons and killing demons. There are stories and details of her graphic battles from times immemorial.What happens at this astronomical time is that beings outside of the visible light spectrum, due to a particular star combination, take birth on the Earth plane to destroy the energy with demonic qualities.

When demons are active, there is a lack of light. The Goddesses see that and want to protect the light like a ferocious woman/mother protecting her children. If you have your 3rd eye open you can see this divinely just like the yogis see into different realms. Durga fighting demons is not relevant in the human realm however in the invisible realm demons are evil. It is intelligent to believe in evil. Durga fights against it for us.

Durga ma destroys all of our impurities, vices, defects and gains us purity and perfection
As per Vedic Astrology, Durga is the overlord of planet Rahu; Her energy counteracts the negative influences of Rahu.

This year Navaratri is special because Radha, called Paralakshmi  who gave birth to all the other Goddesses, is descending onto the earth plane to start the Golden Age. What is going to happen during Navaratri is thatParalakshmi, the supreme primordial ancient Goddess, will be reclaiming her place. She has been dormant for so many yugas and now is exercising her right to get into world and transform it.

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Navratri-Festival of-india-Greetings-walpaper

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Navratri-Festival of india-celebration-greetings


Navratri, lasts for nine days and is a celebration of the Goddess Durga. The various forms of Durga are worshipped during these nine days. Navaratri also celebrates the triumph of good forces over evil forces.navratri is a festival of nine days.this days people doing a Ambaji mata's Pooja. At night peoples plays GARBA with music.
                        "All of wish You a  HAPPY NAVRATRI"
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Chandan Ki Khushbu
Resham Ka Haar,
Sawan ki sugandh
Barish Ki Fuhar,
Radha Ki Ummide
Kanhaiya Ka Pyar.,

Chand ki chandani,
Basant ki bahar.
Phoolo ki khushbu,
Apno ka pyar.
Mubarak ho aapko NAVRATRI ka Tyohar.
Sada khush rahe aap aur apka Parivar.

Aapi shako to aapni dosti magu chu,
dil thi dil no sahkar magu chu,
fikar na karo dosti per jaan lutavi dais,
rokdo vyavhar che kya, udhar mangu chu…
Happy Navratri!
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Mahavir jayanti-Festival of india-introduction-walpaper

Introduction about mahavir jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated by the Jain community commemorating the birth of Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism.

It is the most important festival for Jains. Mahavira is the 24th and the last Tirthankara, who preached the essence of life, virtue and non-violence towards all living beings.

According to the Swetambaras, he was born in 599 BC but Digambar school of Jainsim believe that Mahavira was born in 615 BC.
Mahavir Jayanti is a religious festival of Jain community celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, founder and last Thirthankars of Jainism.

Jain temples are sumptuously decorated with flags and processions are carried out by his followers while chaining prayers and sermons.

People send Mahavir Jayanti SMS and greetings to convey the significance of the occasion.The day ends at the shrine, temple or communal area where people meditate and pray.

Mahavir Jayanti is also observed with festivities on the 8 day holy period of “Paryushana”.

People also send Mahavir Jayanti messages on this auspicious occasion. Mahavir Jayanti SMS and interesting Mahavir Jayanti greetings cards are also available on the market.
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Ram navmi-Festival of india-video songs

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Ram navnmi-Festival of india-pooja,How to celebrate?,wallpaper


The birth anniversary of Lord Rama is known as Ramnavami. Ram is also known to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. India is the only country which has majority of Hindus, so the celebrations are primarily in India. However, this does not mean the festival is not celebrated in other places. With Indians spread all over the world, the festival of Ramnavami is celebrated almost everywhere in the world! It is considered as one of the five, most sacred festivals of the Hindu religion. Even those who do not celebrate would have definitely heard of famous 'Ram Leela'. It is a musical dance drama that depicts the life of Ram. Temples and idols of Ram are beautifully decorated. Some of the devotees observe rigorous fasts for all the nine days and eat only fruit and milk once a day. They believe fasting will please the gods and bring blessings upon them. 


The pooja thali is prepared and consists of roli, aipun, rice, water, flower, bell, and a conch. During this time events of Ram's life are narrated as per the Ramayana by Valmiki and Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas. The entire family gets together to worship and they begin with the youngest female putting teeka on the male members of the family. Other than the pooja, the fast and the bhajans, there is also the Rath Yatra. A huge fair is organized in Ayodhya and Rath yatras or 'chariot processions' of the idols of Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman are taken out on streets as part of the Ramanavami celebrations. The places for worship are filled with fervor of religious people showing their love towards their gods.


Ram Navami is celebrated to cherish the day when Hindu God Ram was born. This is usually celebrated on the ninth day of Hindu month of Chaitra. Lord Ram was born in Ayodha which is an ancient Indian city and was the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.. Ram Navami is the day that marks the end of nine day long festival called Chaitra Navratri or Vasanta Navratri. On Ram Navami devotees of Shri Ram observe fast and visit temples and perform special prayers. Some people also take part in religious processions and go for special readings of Ramayana. Bhajans and Kirtans also take place where thousands of devotees sing in appreciation of Lord Ram. 
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Ram navmi-Festivals Of Asia-greetings & sms

Ram navmi-Festivals Of Asia

O Lord, you r my defender!
When I lie down, I go 2 sleep in peace,
You alone, O Lord, keep me perfectly safe.
Happy Sri RamNavami

Let us pray sacred mantras, in the praise of eternal savior:
“Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”. Wish you be accompanied
with auspiciousness and blessings of Rama Navami
“Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”.
Wish you be accompanied with auspiciousness
& blessings of Ram Navami.
Ram jinka naam hai, Ayodhya jinka dhaam hai,
Aise Raghunandan ko, Hamara parnam hai.
Apko or apke Sampoorn Pariwar ko Ramnavami Ki hardik subh kamnaye..

wish u all of "HAPPY RAMNAVMI" ON 27th march
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Ram navmi-Festival of india-greetings and celebration

(27'th March 2012)
  • Ramnavami is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus, particularly the  Vaishnava sect of the Hindus.
  • "Besides the main place where Rama was born, the festival is celebrated with great fervour in Hanuman temple and the Valmiki temple as well. So, we have come here to participate in that," said Shivnarayan Prasad, a devotee.
  • Rama is the 7th incarnation of the Dashavatara of Vishnu. The festival falls in the Shukla Paksha on the Navami, the ninth day of the month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar. Thus it is also known as Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami, and marks the end of the nine-day Chaitra-Navratri celebrations.
  • Celebration :
    The festival of Ramnavami is celebrated with great devotion across the nation and every region has its own regional significance behind the celebration. Ayodhya is the focus of great celebrations. A huge fair is organized for two days. Ratha yatras or 'chariot processions' of Rama and his wife Sita, brother Lakshmana and devotee Hanuman, are taken out from many temples.
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Cheti Chand - Festivals of India - SMS and Greetings

Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year and is celebrated by the Sindhis all around the world. Cheti Chand is observed on the first day of the month of Chaitra. Chaitra is known as Cheti in Sindhi, hence Cheti Chand.The main festival starts with the worships of Jhulelal and Bahrano. Men perform the folk dance, Chej on sindhi music before Jhulelal. Cheti Chand is observed on the first day of the Sindhi Chet month (March – April) or Chaitra month in Hindu calendar; hence called CHET-I-CHAND.

Cheti Chand SMS:

Wish you a Happy Cheti Chand with love,
peace, hope and joy for the year ahead
Cheti Chand Wishes to you and Your Family

• May God fullfil all your Wishes and Dreams
This year wish you very Happy Cheti Chand

• Jo Karm k siddhant ko samazkar uchit karm karta hai
Vah Karm k bandhan se mukta ho jata hai
Sabhi Ko Cheti Chand Ki Badhai Ho !!!

• May Lord Thulelaal Shower
his blessings on you
Happy Cheti Chand

• Let this Cheti Chand bring peace and prosperity
in the lives of all with the blessings of Lord Varuna
Happy Cheti Chand

• May this year come with lots
of joy and Happiness for you

• Happy Cheti Chand
Wish you very Happy and
Prosperous New year
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