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Navratri2012 -Festival of india- About Durgapooja-Greetings

Navratri Durgapooja

Durga is a form of Parvati, Shiva's wife. Durga is depicted riding on a tiger, wielding weapons and killing demons. There are stories and details of her graphic battles from times immemorial.What happens at this astronomical time is that beings outside of the visible light spectrum, due to a particular star combination, take birth on the Earth plane to destroy the energy with demonic qualities.

When demons are active, there is a lack of light. The Goddesses see that and want to protect the light like a ferocious woman/mother protecting her children. If you have your 3rd eye open you can see this divinely just like the yogis see into different realms. Durga fighting demons is not relevant in the human realm however in the invisible realm demons are evil. It is intelligent to believe in evil. Durga fights against it for us.

Durga ma destroys all of our impurities, vices, defects and gains us purity and perfection
As per Vedic Astrology, Durga is the overlord of planet Rahu; Her energy counteracts the negative influences of Rahu.

This year Navaratri is special because Radha, called Paralakshmi  who gave birth to all the other Goddesses, is descending onto the earth plane to start the Golden Age. What is going to happen during Navaratri is thatParalakshmi, the supreme primordial ancient Goddess, will be reclaiming her place. She has been dormant for so many yugas and now is exercising her right to get into world and transform it.