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Baisakhi Recipes

Dry Fruit Kheer


1 litre Milk 

3/4 cup Sugar 

15 strands saffron crushed, soaked in 1 tsp. hot milk

1/4 tsp. Cardamom Powder

10-12 no. Almonds slivered

10-12 no. Pistachios, slivered

5-6 no. Dried Peaches (quartered)

5-6 no. dried Apricots, nut removed, broken to bits

10-12 no. Raisins

10-12 no. Currants


Soak raisins, currant, peaches, apricots, in hot water for 10 minutes.

Boil milk with cardamom, saffron and sugar for 10 minutes.

Drain the previously soaked dry fruit, add to the boiling milk, 

and stir gently.

Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes.

Add almonds, pistachios, and take off from fire.

Serve hot.

Coconut Laddoo


1 cup suji (semolina) 

1 1/2 cups grated fresh coconut

1 tin Milkmaid

1 cup caster sugar


Roast suji in a round vessel and when it starts turning light brown take it out and keep aside.

Add atleast one cup grated coconut to the semolina and keep the mixture to cool down.

Keep rest of the grated coconut to wrap the laddoos.

Put caster sugar after a while and add ¾ tin milkmaid. Mix well.

Make small balls of the mixture.

Roll the balls in the coconut powder.

Place it in the refrigerator.

Laddoos are ready to serve.