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 Janmastmi pooja

Preparation for pooja

A small cradle decorated with flowers and a small potda (handkerchief is kept in the cradle)

New clothes for God’s idols

Panchamrit made out of unboiled milk, curds, ghee, honey and powdered sugar

Flowers and flower garlands, chandan, ittar

Puja Process

Early in the morning, devotees give a bath to Lord Krishna, which is also termed as “abhishek”. The bathing ingredients comprise of the Gangajal, ghee, water, honey and curd.

Once Bal-Gopal (Shri Krishna) is given bath, devotees embellish and beautify the idol of Krishna with newly purchased jewellary, accessories and clothes.

 Many devotees spend days before the Janmashtami to purchase these clothes and ornaments for Krishna.
 The idol of Krishna is then made to swing as a part of tradition.

 Bhog (an offering to lord), comprising of fruits, kheer, pedha etc… is offered to Lord.

 Along with all the above steps Krishna Aarti, mantras, bhajans are sung melodiously that fills the environment with positive vibrations.