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Janmastmi2013 Dahi handi Ceremony

Janmastmi is Festival of Sri Krishna's Birthday. This Day celebration in temples Dahi Handi.Dahi Handi generally takes place on the second day of Janmashtami.

An earthen pot containing a mixture of milk, dry fruits, ghee is hung around 20-30 feet high in the air with the help of a rope. Silver coins are hung along with the rope,which are later distributed as prize to the winners.

 Enthusiastic young men, form a human pyramid by standing one on top of the other, trying to break the pot. Onlookers throw water on the young men in order to prevent them from breaking the pot. Breaking of the pot is followed by prize distribution.

 Devotees believe that the broken pieces of earthen pot will keep away mice and negative powers from their homes.

Dahi Handi is celebrated with fervor, especially in the twin cities of Mathura - Vrindavan, Dwarka and Mumbai. Young men in Mumbai yell 'Ala re ala, Govinda ala' during the ceremony.

During this day, large earthenware pot is filled with milk, curds, butter, honey fruits etc. and is suspended from a height of say about twenty to forty feet.

Young men and boys form a pyramid by standing on each other’s shoulder to enable the last person on top to break the pot and claim their prize. 

The funny part of this ceremony is that while forming the human pyramid, it dismantles many time. But no one gives up hope and keeps trying!