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Janmastmi2012-Festivals Of India-Janmastmi Recipe Makhane ki Kheer-Krishna Image


Janmastmi Recipe Makhane ki Kheer

Ingredients                        Quantity

Milk                                                 1 ltr

ghee                                                  2 teaspoon

Makhne                                            50gms

Sugar                                                ½ cup

Elaichi                                                4pices

Almonds                                            10-12 Pices


In hot ghee sauté the makhane till they are completely bsauted and then cool and crush them

Now pour milk in an pan and add sauted makhane to it , stir them on low flame till milk thickens.

Now, add sugar and elaichi to them, keep on stirring for few minuted to dissolve the sugar com pletely and to obtain a good aroma of elaichi.

Finally serve it, garnishing it with crushed almonds.