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Janmastmi2012-Festivals of India-Janmatmi Recipe-Coconet Barfi-shri Krishna Image


Janmatmi Recipe Coconet Barfi

Coconut  barfi

Coconut shreds2 cup
Sugar1 cup
Water1 ½ cup
Milk2 tsp
Ghee1 tbsp
Cardamom powder½ tsp

To start with roast the coconut shreds in a heated pan.

In a separate utensil boil water and sugar to prepare sugar syrup.

To the boiling sugar syrup add milk and coconut shreds.

Stir continuously till the syrup and ingredients make a thick paste

Then add cardamom and ghee.

When the mixture seems enough thickened, take it out in a flat plate or pan.

Allow it to dry.

Cut the pieces in the shape desired.

Barfi is ready.