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Janmastmi2012 Celebrations in Mathura
Janmastmi Celebration in Mathura Krishna's Birth Place very big celebrations.At night many programe in Mathura..This Day About 8 Laks People Visit mathura.Mathura is in Uttar Prades.

Uttar Pradesh is the largely populated state of India. it is known for varied fairs and festivals. Some of the popular festivals of UP are Ganga Mahotsav, Kunbh Mela, Lathmar Holi in Mathura, Ramlila of Varanasi and Janmashtami celebrations in Mathura. So, let us know about the Janmashtami celebrations in Mathura.

The main celebration takes place at the actual place of birth, now converted into a big temple known as Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir. Lord's idol is kept in a room also known as the ‘Garbha Griha’. Devotees keep a day-long fast and break it at midnight after the birth time of Bhagwan Krishna. All through the day devotees remain immersed in the chanting of Shlokas and name of the Lord. Songs and hymns are also sung in the glory of Sri Krishna.

Ceremony Of Celebrations

Midnight Celebrations

Performance of Rasleelas


Jhulanotsav and Ghatas

Dahi Handi