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Mother's Day


Rava Palappam Recipes



Semolina or Rava Fried to Brown

Milk 1/2 litre


Dry Grapes 150 gm

Vanilla Essence 2 tsp

Sugar - to taste


1. Boil the Milk and add sugar in it.

2. When milk boils add Rava or Semolina and grapes. 

3. Stir to get a pasty level.

4. Add Ghee - 1 teaspoon.

5. Cut off heat.

6. Now, paste Ghee in a flat vessel. Level some sugar on bottom.

7. Pour the content to the flat vessel and flatten.

8. Add Vanilla essence.

9. Again put some ghee and sugar on top.

10. Allow to cool and freeze.

11. When chilled cut to slices and serve.

12. Rava Palappam is ready.