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Mother's Day Celebration in New Zealand


In New Zealand Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. This is the same day on which US celebrates its Mothers Day. And as the idea of celebrating Mothers Day in New Zealand has come from US, the manner of celebrating Mothers Day in New Zealand is much the same as that in US.

 On Mothers Day people of New Zealand thank their mothers and recognize their esteemed efforts in bringing them up and caring for them.

The festival of Mothers Day has turned out to be a big day for the people of New Zealand. There is a big euphoria over the day and people celebrate the day by going out for picnics and dinners. 

Markets see a busy time as people make it a point to buy gifts for their mothers, grand mothers and friends and relatives who are mothers. Flowers and cards business particularly flourish at this time of the year.

People also indulge their mothers by treating them with breakfast in bed and baking a Mother’s Day special cakes for them. 

Some also like to give their mother a days rest from the kitchen and household chores and treat them with a spa or beauty treatment.