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Raja Ram mohan Roy Jayanti2013-Festivals of India-About

Raja Ram mohan Roy Jayanti About

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was Born on May 22, 1772 and Died on September 27, 1833. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the organizer of Atmiya Sabha and Brahma Samaj. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was played an important key role in ending of Sati. Fight for the rights of the freedom.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is also called the ‘Maker of Modern India’. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the organizer of Brahmo Samaj, he is one of the first Indian socio-religious transformation faction. Raja Ram Mohan Roy played a chief role in abolishing the character of Sati.
 Raja Rammohan Roy was a huge scholar and a independent thinker. Raja Ram Mohan Roy advocated the reading of English, Science, Western Medicine and Technology. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was specified the title ‘Raja by the Mughal Emperor.

Ram Mohan Roy was married three times. His first wife died during his childhood. His second wife, who died in 1824, bore him two sons: Radhaprasad in 1800 and Ramaprasad in 1812. Roy's third wife, Uma Devi, outlived him.

Ram Mohan was a multi-faceted personality. He was an intellectual who tried to lead India to modernity. He taught the Hindus to give up meaningless beliefs and customs. He was the lamp that leads Hindus to the essence of Hinduism.

 He is remembered in the Indian history as the originator of all the important secular movements. Although Raja Ram Mohan Roy introduced the western concepts, he was appreciated not only in India but all over the world for his sincere efforts to build a nation with respectable values and a living place for everybody.