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Mongolia festival images

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Mongolias Nadaam About-image

Mongolia Naadam is all over Mongolia in the Midsomer holiday of July 11-13th these can sometimes vary, however the best is in the capital; Ulan Batar (Ulaanbaatar in Mongolian). Inner Mongolia in China also celebrate this festival in July the best place to go is Hohhot.
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Mongolias Nadaam Festival History

Nadaam and it's traditional games are believed to be almost two thousand years old but the festival as it exists today is to commerate the 1921 revolution when Mongolia declared itself a free country.

What to expect Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery. Another Naadam activity is a game using shagai (sheep knuckles) that serve as game pieces and tokens of both divination and friendship. Traditional Mongolian singing. The wrestling has no time limit and the most famous wrestler choses his opponent.

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Full Moon Party in Thailand: What a Fu king Party

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Full Moon Party Feb. 24, 2008 Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Half Moon Party Koh Phangan Thailand feb. '07

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Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Thailand 2011

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Full moon party, Thailand, Ko Phangan video

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Feshion TV Full moon Party Koh Phangan video

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Full Moon party 2012

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Thai girls dancing at the Full Moon Party 7th of June 2009, Koh Phangan

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Full Moon Party - Ko Phangan Best Video Ever

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The Best Full Moon Party Video Ever! (Koh Phangan Thailand)

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Full Moon Party Music

The awesome full moon beach party has every type of music played across 15 sound sytems from trance, goa, drum n' bass, dub, reggae, commercial hits, house, techno.

Full-on psy-trance is everywhere at the Full Moon Fest as these were the notes of choice in the 1980's when the party started snowballing.
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Full moon Party-Haad Rin Beach Bars

Why not check out all the bars  at the Full Moon Party - each serves a different purpose. The most popular are the Drop-In Bar and Cactus Bar with drinks promotions and great fire shows. They play music from the charts, R&B and club classics.

Other Haad Rin bars like Vinyl Club, Zoom play psytrance. The Orchid plays Drum & Bass and Jungle whilst the Boom Boom Bar has hardcore house and trance music.

Outback Bar located in the town is a good starting point for any night out popular where a mix of European, American, Australian, and Thai foods are served in a relaxed environment.

The Floating Bar was around for some parties serving fresh caught crab and oyster.

Expect Up to 30,000 people at the Full Moon Parties, awesome djs, random scoring, body paint, glow sticks, tasty buckets (Samsong) and of course the world famous 'Shroom Shakes.
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Full Moon Party dates 2012 Thailand

Sunday 08,        January    
Wednesday 08,   February 2012
Wednesday 07,   March 2012
Friday 06,         April 2012
Sunday 06,    May 2012
Monday 04,   June 2012
Tuesday 03,  July 2012
Saturday 04,  August 2012
Saturday 01,  September 2012
Sunday 30,    September 2012
Monday 29,   October 2012
Wednesday 28, November 2012
Tuesday 25,   December 2012 (Xmas Party)
Friday 28,      December 2012
Monday 31,   December 2012 (News Year Eve Party)
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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Festival video

festival date : June 8, 9, 10, 2012

Place : Las Vegas, Nevada USA

site :


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Jazz Music New orleans Festival


The Jazz and Heritage Festival was held in 1970 when George Wein the jazz impresario behind the Newport Jazz Festival was asked to design and produce a unique festival for New Orleans. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was established to oversee the Festival and the allocation of money to the right causes.

About 350 people attended the first Jazz Fest in New Orleans 1970 but now it's a multi day event and brings more then 600,000 music lovers to Louisianna.
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Hong Kong Bookfair 2010 Interactive Kiosk

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Hong Kong Annual Book Fair 2010 video

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Hong Kong Book Fair 2011 video

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Heidi Li singing Cantonese Opera - 趙子龍 - 2011 Dec

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Cantonese opera song singing video

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Chinese Opera Festival 2012 Trailer video

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Chinese Opera Festival Melbourne2012-Date

The Melbourne Chinese Opera Festival is an annual major theatrical event taking place in Melbourne.

Chinese Opera is an art form that is the backbone of the artistic mainstay that permeates all levels of musical and cultural engagements in Chinese communities.

A group of visiting artists from China and Australian local opera performers will hit the Town Hall stage Sunday, 24 June 2012. The concert is a magic cultural adventure and expansive entertainment, but totally free.

Guizhou Opera Troupe of Guizhou Province, China, will stage 'Move out of cave-house', an excerpt from a story about Wang Baochuan, a daughter of the Prime Minister, who chose 18 years’ poverty and hardship awaiting her beloved husband Xue Pinggui, and living through a humble and tragic life, to return home in glory and then became the Emperor.

Festival Date: Sunday, 24 June 2012
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New Vision Arts Festival-Date

The biennial New Vision Arts Festival has presented since 2002 a board array of innovative and outstanding cross-cultural performances with an Asian focus. With its contemporary outlook, the Festival is also commensurate with the economic and social development of Hong Kong in the post-Millennium era which emphasizes the use of high-end technology, knowledge-led development and international outlook and exposure.

Date: October – November 2012

Venues: Various venues

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Hong Kong Book Fair2013-coming date-Image

Hong Kong book fair is a very big book fair.this fair is gives you all type book.This fair festival Since its inception in 1990, the Fair has expanded quickly into a great summer festival. About 950,000 book lovers, including some 15000 overseas visitors lined up in droves to browse through the latest offerings from publishers. More than 300 cultural events were held to promote reading culture and it’s encouraging to have nearly 130,000 attended these cultural events.

This year Hong Kong Book Fair will be held on 18 – 24 July 2013. Be sure to mark your diary for this year's Book Fair!

Date: 18 – 24 July 2013

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Dragen Boat Festival Image-Greetings

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Chinese Opera Festival 2012

This festival is celebrate in Hong Kong.This festival is coming from month of june and date of 15 june to Augast 5 in 2012.This is art and culcture Festival.The exotic sights and sounds of traditional Chinese theatre are not always easy for outsiders to penetrate. But with English surtitles or synopsis, this festival gives you a window into this rich world, as celebrated artists perform eight different genres, including Kunqu, Peking, Cantonese, Yue, Huangmei, Gezi, Gan operas and Qinqiang.


Tickets available from 18 April 2012 onwards at all URBTIX outlets, on Internet and by Credit Card Telephone booking.

Buy tickets online this web site

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2007 Dragon Boat World Cup 500 USA win 500

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The Dragon Boat festival

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Dragonboat Technique- DragonMax Demonstrates Smooth Stroke

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Banff National Park Dragon Boat Festival 2008

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Balancing Eggs on Dragon Boat Festival Video

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Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan Video

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Dragon boat festival- How to paddle?

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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and New Year Dragon Dance Video

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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

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Dragon Boat Festival

A major festival of the Dragon Boat festival or Dhun wu jie.This commemorates the death of a national hero,Qu Taun,whodrowned himself in protest against a corrupt government.It is said that dumplings made of rice,meat and other ingredients werw throwan into the see of feed the fish that might have eaten his body and waer wa beten with paddles ti scare off other dangerous sea creatures.Today,boats decorated with dragon heads and tails compete with each other in a race that is accompained by a great deal of drum beating and noise.One of the moost colourful Dragon boat festivals ake place in Hong Kong where an intrnational race has been held in the month of  June each year since 1976.
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15 feet ka nag Devta Video

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Preparation For Nag Panchami Video

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Tv 9 Nag Panchami Celebration in Hyadrabad Video

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Nag Panchami celebration in Alhabad

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Nag panchami Celebration in Nexal Video

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Nag Panchmi Celebration in Menglor Video

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Nag Panchami Pooja Part 1,2

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Five Headed Snake In India video

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Digu Digu Digu Naaga - Festival of worshipping Snakes Video

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Navratri 2012 Dates

Navratri is Festival coming According to Chrischayan Calender 2012 16th October and will continue till Thursday, 25th October for 9 days.Navratri(नवरात्रि) is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated throughout nine nights. The word ‘Navaratri’ means nine nights in Hindi. This festival is dedicated to the veneration of Goddess Durga, the deity of power according to Hindu mythology. During this period different forms of Devi Durga are worshiped. The festival commences on the first day of the month of ‘Ashwin’, during the bright fortnight. The 10th day after Navaratri is celebrated as ‘Dussera’.
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Nag Pancham2012-Wallpapers-Greetings

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Important Aspects of Nag Panchami

This Day is Coming to ujarati month Shravan Sud Day of Five.

Some Important Aspects of Nag Panchami Under as.

This so called "snake day" has several important components. In addition to offerings made to the snakes throughout the country during worship and celebration, men and women celebrate the day in these ways:

 Cobras are bathed in milk and offered rice as this is thought to offer immunity from their bites.

 Women often partake in early baths of milk and wear colourful saris.

Pots of milk and flowers are placed next to holes that are believed to contain snakes as an offering of devotion. 

If a snake actually drinks the milk it is thought to be the ultimate sign of good luck.

 Mansa, the Queen of Snakes, is worshiped in most parts of Bengal during Nag Panchami.

 In the Punjabi region, a large dough snake is created and then paraded around the village. The parade is colourful with plenty of singing and dancing; at the end of the parade the snake is buried. Nag Panchami is referred to as "Guga-Navami" in Punjab.

 Snake charmers sit alongside the roads of Maharashtra and encourage women to offer milk, flowers and haldi-kumkum (a powdered offering of tumeric and vermillion) to the dangerous snakes the snake charmers carry.

 In many villages, snake charmers carry pots containing cobras to a central temple where they are released and then worshiped with offerings of milk and rice.

 Mainly in the south of India, people worship figures of snakes made of clay or sandalwood as alternatives to the real-life versions.

 No Hindu home may fry anything on the day of Nag Panchami.

 Girls who are hoping to marry believe that the cobra offers good luck in their quest for eternal happiness.
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Nag Panchami Rituls

Nag Panchami Festival is Coming from gujarati month shravan sud Day of five.After all the obeisance is rendered to the goddess and the ritual puja is over, the snakes are put back in the pots and carried in bullock-carts in procession through the 32 hamlets of Shirala village where women eagerly await outside their houses for "darshan" of the sacred cobras. One or two cobras are let loose in front of each house where men and women offer prayers, sprinkle puffed rice, flowers and coins over them, burn camphor and agarbattis and perform "aarti”. Girls of marriageable age regard the cobras as blessings of good luck in marriage. Some courageous girls even put their faces near the cobra's dangerous fangs. Behold the wonder the cobras do not bite them!
Director of the Madras Snake Park thoroughly examined these cobras and confirmed that neither the fangs nor the poison had been extracted. This truly is something so wonderful that it cannot be possibly explained by man's rational thinking.

In the evening the open space adjoining the temple of Amba holds a popular fair. Pots containing the cobras are placed on an erected platform and the lids are removed. The cobras raise their heads and spectators look on spell-bound. Vast crowds arrive from Kolhapur, Sanghli, Poona and even from foreign lands to see this wonderful spectacle and enjoy in the fair. The following day the snakes are released in the jungle.

There is one popular legend telling how this festival started. Once Guru Gorakhnath while passing through his village saw a woman praying before a clay-cobra idol. He turned it into a living snake and told her not to be afraid of snakes. Since then this Baltis Shirale and its neighbouring regions worship snakes. Guru Gorakhnath's temple is on a nearby hillock.

Tribals in the interior parts of Maharashtra perform acrobatics and magic shows on the streets. Crowds collect around them to see and touch the snakes which the tribals bring in their baskets to show them off.

There are snake-temples in our country with idols of snake-gods. In these temples cobras are also reared and live snakes are worshiped on Nag-Panchami day.
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Nag Panchami Celebrations in Maharastra

In Maharashtra, Hindu women take an early bath wear their "nav-vari" - nine yards-sarees, put on ornaments and get ready for the "puja" of Nag-Devata. 

Snake charmers are seen sitting by the roadsides or moving about from one place to another with their baskets that hold dangerous snakes that are their pets. 

While playing the lingering melodious notes on their flutes, they beckon devotees with their calls -"Nagoba-la dudh de Mayi" (give milk to the Cobra Oh Mother!) On hearing that call, women come out of their houses and then the snake-charmers take out of the snakes from their baskets. 

Women sprinkle haldi-kumkum and flowers on the heads of the snakes and offer sweetened milk to the snakes and pray. Cash and old clothes are also given to the snake-charmers. Bowls of milk are also placed at the places which are likely haunts of the snakes.

Elderly women draw pictures of five-headed cobras on wooden planks, recite mantras and pray. The daughters wash the eyes of their fathers with rose flowers dipped in milk and then receive gifts from their fathers. In Hindu homes frying any thing on this day is forbidden by tradition.
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