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Arhus film festival

Festival Data

Established: 1997
Genre: General
Attendance: 5000
Media Attendance: 5
Accredited Industry Attendance: 40
Total Number of Films Submitted: 400
Total Number of Films Screened: 130
Total Screenings: 54

Aarhus Filmfestival History

Formerly known as the Festival of Festivals, the Aarhus Filmfestival was an international film festival screening short and documentary films that have won awards or other forms of international recognition while also presenting regional films, Danish hits, seminars and special focus series.

The first Festival of Festivals took place in Aarhus, Denmark in 1997. From the very start, the goal of the festival has been to provide a showcase for internationally recognized films as well as regional productions made by non-professional filmmakers.

Over the years, the Aarhus Filmfestival has maintained its profile of screening the worlds internationally acclaimed films while establishing itself as a popular film event drawing increased attention to the short and documentary genres - and large audiences into the movie theaters.