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Banff World Television Festival

Festival Data

Established: 1980
Genre: Television (click to see)
Attendance: 1500
Media Attendance: 65
Total Number of Films Submitted: 1000
Total Number of Films Screened: 100

Festival Description

The Banff World Television Festival screens TV programs for Arts Documentary, Animation, Comedy, Children's, Family and Youth, History and Biographies, Continuing Series, Current Affairs, Popular Science, Natural History, Made for TV movies, Mini-series, Feature Length Documentaries, Lifestyle Programs and Unscripted Entertainment Programs.

This three day event is packed with panels, keynote speakers and symposiums, including

CTV Western Canada Fellowship
CTV Western Canada Fellowships are intended to encourage professional development in the television industry by enabling emerging creative talent including producers, writers and directors - i.e., program makers - to attend the Banff World Television Festival.


The World Television Awards
The culmination of our extraordinary and popular Program Competition, the World Television Awards salute the very best the medium has to offer.

Rockie Awards 

The campaign for the 29th Banff World Television awards is officially on and 2 new program categories have been added this year, along with 4 new Rockie Awards to be presented.

David Suzuki Science and Environmental Media Award
This award recognizes outstanding professional and/or personal achievements in raising public awareness and understanding of science and environmental issues through the visual media.