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Bhai Dooj-Festival of India-About-Greeting

Bhai Dooj About

Diwali is Festival of Five Days.Bhai dooj is festival of last day.This is brother and sister's festival.this is festival of brother and sister's love festival.thiis festival is coming from gujarati month kartik sud bij(second day).this year bhai dooj coming from christian month november 15 2012.

On bhai dooj brother goes to his Merried sister's home.Unmerried sister live her home.ane she applied tika her brother's display and pooja to her brother.brothae give gift to his sister.Sisters decorate their puja thali with mithai, batashas, roli and rice along with the coconut. They light up the puja lamp and perform all the rituals. Once the pooja is performed by every members of the family, the sister applies tika on the forehead of the brother. After applying tikka, she gives him a few of the eatables along with the coconut.

'Bhai' means brother and 'Dooj' means two days after new moon. This unique festivity is one of the most awaited festivals in India.