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Bhai Dooj-Festival of India-Celebration-Greeting-Wishes

Bhai Dooj Celebration

Diwali is five days festival and Bhai dooj is last day festival of diwali.this day is celebrate brother and sister festival.On this day, sisters pray for the long life of their brothers.

In return, brothers pamper their sisters by showering them with gifts and a promise to stand by them throughout their lives.

The essence of the Bhai dooj festival is that it is celebrated to strengthen the love between brothers and sisters. It is a day of food-sharing, gift-giving and reaching out to the inner most depths of the hearts. 

Brothers and sisters indulge themselves on this day by gifting each other gifts. Varied gifts specially meant for bhai dooj is available in the market.

Married women who stay close to their parent's place visit their brother early in the morning and greet them. Those staying far off either take out few days to visit her brother or express their love and blessings through posting greeting cards or e-cards and sending their good wishes. 

After all the rituals of Bhai Dooj is performed, brothers pamper their sisters by presenting the most memorable gifts. Most commonly, the girl of the house is given presents of clothes, utensils, and lots of mithai and fruits at festivals.