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Bhai dooj-Festival of India-Recipe Badam kheer-Imge

Bhai dooj  Recipe Badam kheer


COOKING TIME : 30 min to 1 hour



1/2 cup almonds (badam)

5 cups milk

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder

a pinch of saffron (kesar) strands


In a small bowl take a cup of water , add the almonds and micro high for 2 minutes.

Remove , cool , peel the almonds and grind in a liquidiser with 1 cup of water to a smooth paste .

Warm the saffron and powder.

Boil milk on micro hi for 8 mts.

Remove , add almond paste , mix well.

Micro med for 5 mts and then micro low for 10 mts stirring in between.

Remove , stir very well ,add sugar and spices , mix well and micro low for 10 minutes..

Cool and chill.

Garnish with chopped pistachios.