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Chinese Opera Festival Melbourne2012-Date

The Melbourne Chinese Opera Festival is an annual major theatrical event taking place in Melbourne.

Chinese Opera is an art form that is the backbone of the artistic mainstay that permeates all levels of musical and cultural engagements in Chinese communities.

A group of visiting artists from China and Australian local opera performers will hit the Town Hall stage Sunday, 24 June 2012. The concert is a magic cultural adventure and expansive entertainment, but totally free.

Guizhou Opera Troupe of Guizhou Province, China, will stage 'Move out of cave-house', an excerpt from a story about Wang Baochuan, a daughter of the Prime Minister, who chose 18 years’ poverty and hardship awaiting her beloved husband Xue Pinggui, and living through a humble and tragic life, to return home in glory and then became the Emperor.

Festival Date: Sunday, 24 June 2012