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Dashera Festival Recipe Fafda


Gram - 250 grams (2 cups)
Salt - to taste (½ teaspoon)
Food soda - ½ teaspoon
Cayenne pepper - less than a quarter teaspoon
Parsley - ½ teaspoon
Oil - 2 table spoon
Fafdha for frying - Oil


Take gram flour in a pot up by filtering out. In gram flour, salt, cooking soda, red pepper, parsley and oil Take, take all things were well in hand.

Gunthiye soft dough with the help of warm water, flour muscle by muscle, lift, turn, 6/7 minutes Guthiye (flour, ½ cup water takes Lbg figure). Please keep the dough covered for half an hour while the dough. half hour and smooth muscle as well make the dough, the dough still small by breaking (the equivalent of a large berry) Take the dough.

Fafdha for Belne smooth wood board, take a little longer to make a dough and keep the board under the palm up, palm forward Fapdha Braiye contain the pressure, he had put down the ribbon to the ballad while Fafdha get all

Keep the smooth plate Fafdha extracted from the board, one by one by all Fafdha hire plate.

Please pour hot oil in a frying pan, heat oil in a 1-2 -3 Take Fafdha picking and turned back to the bottom until lightly brown, remove the plate and all. Similarly, the bottom ready to take all Fafde. If you find you quickly Fafdha Beliye Fafdha Bell and the hot oil in a frying pan fry it in one go as well, not a way of maintaining the right of the plate.

Fafdha prepare delicious crunchy. These Fafda Fafdha Serve with sour sauce or coriander chutney and eat.Please keep them in air tight container Fafdha had left, the container whenever the Fafdha get all your mind and eat with hot tea.