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Dhanteras2012-Festival of Inndia-dhanteras Pooja Vidhi-Greeting-Image

Dhanteras2012  Pooja vidhi

Dhanteras is observed on the 13th day of Krishna Paksh in the month of Karthik. This is also known as Yamadeep. It is celebrated 2 days before Deepavali. After the Sagar Manthan between the Devtaas and Asuras, Dhanvantri vaid came out of the sea with an Amruth Kalash. That is why, Dhanteras is also known as Dhanvantri Jayanti.

In the evening, after seeing the star, the women of the house get together for puja. In some houses both men & women do the puja.

The 4 wick Deepak is placed on the pata.

Oil/ghee is put in the Deepak with the Four Wicks.

The Cowrie shell is placed on the Deepak.

The Deepak is lit. This is referred as Yamadeep. This Deepak pleases Yamaraj and the pitars/departed ancestors of the family.

Some water from the panchpatra is sprinkled around the Deepak, puja is performed with roli, chawal and money.

Four suhali and little pethas are offered.

Some people offer kheel and batasha also Dhoop is lit.

Women performing the puja go around the Deepak four times & do pranam.

The eldest woman of the family or unmarried girl of the house puts tilak from the roli in the chopda to everyone sitting for the puja.

One male staff member of the house, covers his head with a cloth, takes the lit Deepak and keeps it outside on the right side of the main gate. This person is given dakshina.

After puja, the family members do pranaam to all the elder people to them.