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Diwali-About Waag Baras-Greeting

Diwali About Waag Baras

Diwali Festival Begin A First Day Of Waag Baras.Wag Baras is observed Devdasi Day in Second Half Also month. Vag baras is 2012 Date is 11 November.This is also known as 'Govatsa dwadashi' and 'Guru Dwadashi'. On this day the cow and calf are offered pujan.

 'Wagh' here refers to repaying one's financial debts. Therefore people clear their account books today and do not enter into new transactions, using new ledgers until after Labh Pancham.This event, celebrated in most parts of north India, is observed 2 days prior to the main festival.

 The day is dedicated to the women and their importance is highlighted.The women folk are treated with utmost respect. They are offered new clothes and jewelry.On Wagh Baraas, cow and calf are also worshipped.

 This vrat is known as Nandini Wrat. In Dhodia tribal villages in Gujarat, this festival is celebrated in great fashion. They celebrate the fest as a sport chasing one another. The person who dressed like tiger chases the person dressed as cow.

Waag Baras is known as Vasubaras in Maharashtra. North Indian people celebrate this day as Govamsa Puja.