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Diwali2012-Festival of India-Diwali pujan Vidhi2012-Greeting

Diwali pujan Vidhi2012

Diwali is Festival of Light.This Day People doing pooja and Laxmi Ganesh Aaradhna.Diwali Pooja Vidhi is As Above.

First clean the Puja room and then Bathe each Lakshmi & Ganesh first with water, then with panchamitra/or rose water, followed by water once more.

Now put Deepak  in front of the Deities - As the tiny diyas of clay are lighted to drive away the shadows of evil spiritsMake a Panchamitra with 5 ingredients of milk, curd, ghee,sugar & Honey.

Place Few mithais, snacks & fruits as a prashad.Make offerings of flowers, abil, sindoor , haldi and Light the Agarbatti  and lamps filled with Ghee . Now make offerings of fruit, sweets, Salty  Mathis, Ghathia,Namakpare and offer dakshina , which could be given to the poor .In the end offer betel leaves, cloves. Now pray to the dieties to seek their blessings.Ganesh Puja-Ganeshji are a must for Diwali pujan.  
Aarti Laxmi Puja : Place Lotus and other flowers at her feet as an offering. A silver coin is placed in front of the Goddess during the puja. Now perform Arti with flowers in hand.

After the puja have the Prashad.