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Diwali2012-Festival of India-Rituls-Greeting-Wishes

Diwali2012 Rituls

Diwali is Festival of Light.This Festival give a mesage to our Hapyness and Equqlity.This Festival is indian hindu festival.They Preparation very high.

Rituls are Tradition of Crackers

Diwali is celebrated across India with great devotion and happiness. It commemorates the superiority of good over evil.Since time immemorial one tradition that has been associated with the festivities of Diwali is the bursting of Crackers.

Make a Rangoli
Rangoli is an art form which includes drawing of attractive patterns on the floor, with different colors and decorative ideas.Rangloi has long been a part of Diwali celebrations.

On and before Diwali, people especially ladies make beautiful designs of Rangolis to welcome goddess Lakshmi. According to the history of Rangolis, the tradition started in Mahrashtra, which later spread to other parts of the country.

The legend behind rangoli is that a particular kingdom was in deep sorrow due to the death of the son of a priest. Entire kingdom prayed to Lord Brahma, who pleased by the prayers asked the king to draw a figure on the ground, in which he would fill life.