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Diwali2012-Festival of India-Introduction-Greeting

Diwali  Introduction

India is Contry of Festivals.In this Festival Diwali is a Main and Big Festival in Contry.This Festival is celebration Very preparation a high scale.

This Festival Coming From Vikram Samvat Year of Asho Vad Amavasya.This Festival  is Five Days Festival. People Celebration this Five Day Their Native Land. and Celebration with his All femily happines and full enjoyment.

This Festival is Five Days Festival FOr the First Day is Vaag Baras.Begin this Day People Decorate his home and Rangoli.They wear a New Clothes and all of alternative Wishes and go to temple and  take Ashirvad of Big People.

The Second ay of this Festival of Dhanteras.This ay People doing a night people make a good Recipes.This day people decorate home and on lamp and Seris.At night Burning a Candle and make a light.

The third Day is Kali Chaudas.This Day People Doing a Kali mata's Aaradhna and pooja.some People Goes to Hanuman Temple,and give a oil,Srifal,and Prasad.

The forth day is Diwali.Ago This Day People Clean ther homes,office,shops,and her working Places.people wears a new Clothes.At Nigtts People doing a Chopda poojan and Laxmipoojan..They Burnings Lamp and Candels.They are Burning a Cracers.Ago this Day Clean their homes and Business Places.They doing a donet.This Day is last Day of Year.

The fifth Day of This Festival is new Year and Bhai dooj.This Day People Wear New Clothes and all of togatherd and Enjoy Party. On Bhai dooj Bhai Goes to thers Sister's home and Give a gift. people alternative wishes.