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Diwali Celebration2012

Make the Diwali 2012 Festival of Lights a very special one - not only for your family, but also for yourself. The "Festival of Sweets, Gifts, Fireworks and Firecrackers" will be very soon, so why not starting early and planning secretly ahead of the festivities for the greatest celebration of the year? Preparing early avoids the stress during holiday season. Maybe you could already think of the most suitable Diwali gifts for your family members - for your children, your husband or wife, your parents, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbours. Who are you going to invite for Diwali 2012 ? What would your guests and family like the most? A new Sari for your wife or mother? Maybe some beautiful cushions or a wall hanger? A certain toy for your kids? Silver figurines or artworks for your parents or best friends ?Have you also thought of what you could be doing this Diwali? Any plans yet?

Here are some great ideas how you can make the most of Diwali 2012

Watch a funny animation movie in the cinema

Visit the zoo with your children

Attend a Diwali 2012 concert

Sing songs with your children and parents

Blast fireworks in the dark sky

Light sparklers and make wishes for Diwali 2012

Turn off all lamps and enjoy the Gleam of Diyas and candles in the dark

Write Diwali Greeting Cards, sending wishes to all your relatives & friends

Play board games with your children

Make a long row of lights or a big OM symbol from 100 Diyas in front of your house

Try out new Diwali recipes and dishes

Prepare sweets like Gujia (Ghughra/Karanji/Karachika/Kajjikayi), Gulab Jamun, Jalebi or Peda

Have a divine Diwali feast with your whole family

Cast your own candles in star & lotus shape

Invite all your neighbours to your house for Diwali 2012

Create artistic Rangoli designs

Invite a henna artist to your home

Hire a sitar player, belly dancer or a whole dance troupe to entertain your guests