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About Dresden Music Festival

Darshan Music Festival is Coming From 15 May and Finish to 3June.It is a music Festival.The Festival of Classical Music is held in Dresden every year for two and a half weeks starting from the end of May to the early June. 

With a total of 80 events, Dresden's most popular classical music festival tops the city's cultural calender. Beautiful palaces, gardens, theatres, cathedrals and churches play host to the cultural festival of Dresden where International soloists and orchestra players skillfully boast their talent. 

The long lived tradition of the great operas, ballets, and fireworks still continues in the Festival. Mostly the theatres and concert halls are all booked in advance for the Music Festival.

With its unique features- theme, performance and liveliness, the Music Festival attracts more than 1,50,000 music lovers from all over the world each year.

The Dresden Music Festival depicts the city's cultural diversity and stands as a symbol of communication between all people. 

The guests can take part in the festival too and are free to choose their preferences from about 150 performances... Who knows you might be the one performing there too!