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Jalaram jayanti-About jalarambapa-Image

Jalaramjayanti is known as a jalarambapa's Birthday.jalaram jayanti is coming guajarati month of Kartik sud Day of 7.Jalarambapa is Faimas Saint in India.He Birth in Virpur.virpur is stay in India State of gujarat.

Virpur is Stay in Saurastra.jalaram bapa's father's name is Pradhanji and Mother's name is  Rajbai.his father was Death to little jalaram.jalarambapa was groth with his uncle.Gujarati Year samvayt 1872 in jalarambapa's merriage.his wife's name was virbai.jalarambapa was great doner.he was a Rambhakt.he was donet food.He started a Sadavrat.

Jalaram stood the test of time, wavered. One day an old sadhu came. He appeared greatly fatigued and tired. Jalaram welcomed him and offered to serve him. The visitor made a strange request. He said" I do not want your food. I have no one to attend to me, if you really want to help, you give away your wife and send her along with me to serve and attend on me." Jalaram after consultation with his wife offered Virabai to him. The sadhu left the place along with Virabai.

They reached the outskirts of a forest. The sadhu asked her to wait there for some time and said he had a little work to attend to and would come back soon. He left with his 'Danda' and 'Jholi' asking her to keep watch on them while he would be away. As he walked along in to the forest, Akash vani was heard saying "Virabai, my child ! you are a great sati. Your husband Jalaram is matchless in his charity; he excels even Sibi and Karna. He is my dearest devotee. I bless you both always. Go back to your husband, install my Danda and Jholi in your Ashram, and worship them. Go on serving your husband and people. That is your worship to me. I shall be ever with you." The Danda and Jholi were installed in Virpur and they are worshipped even now. Jalaram and his wife thus stood the severest test of God, passed through it unscathed and earned the fullest Grace of God.