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Rath Yatra-Festival of India-Abot Jagannath Temple Puri-Image-Greeting

Rath Yatra

Abot Jagannath Temple Puri

Jagananth Puri is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage site on the sea coast of Ganga Sagar in Orissa. Puri is an ancient place with dual personality, it comprise of chain of some of the beautiful temples and also house tempting golden beaches. 

Old city of Puri is identify by flowering temple shrines dedicated to Lord Jagannath another name of Lord Krishna. It is a center of the devotees of the Shaiva, Vaishava, and sections of Buddhist.

The temple is located on a gentle slope known as Nik Parvata by the sea. According to different legends King Anantaverma Chodaganda  who was a great patron of religion and Sanskrit built the temple.

The sacred shrine of Jagannath is secured in a square 652 feet long and 630 feet wide and saved by a stonewall 20 feet high. The tower of Jagannath is 192 feet high and surmounted by the mystic wheel and flag of Vishnu. 

The whole of temple is being partitioned into different chambers, each chambers has their own characteristics. The first chamber is where oblation are performed known as Bhoga Mandir. Second one is Nata Mandir, which is embellished by pillars, the hall is exclusive for music and dancing; third one is a large hall where pilgrims assembles; and last chamber is the sanctuary or the holy cell. 

The temple is unique in its own way as it has almost 6000 people for it servicing Mahaprasad . It is said that by having Mahaprasad one makes great spiritual progression. Over 20000 people are said to be dependent for the livelihood on the temple activities.