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Rath Yatra-Festival of India-Festival Recipe Makhane-ki-kheer-Greeting

Rath Yatra  

Festival Recipe Makhane-ki-kheer


Milk - 1 kg.

Makhanas - 2 cups (cut into pieces).

Ground sugar - 2 dessertspoons.

Paggi gari - 2 level dessertspoons.

Almonds - 1 level dessertspoon (cut into bits).


1) In a suitable vessel, mix the makhanas with the milk and keep on the fire.

2) Let half an hour pass by. The makhanas will have been cooked by the time. Add the sugar and take the vessel off the heat. Keep to a side and let it cool.

3) Add the paggi gari (coconut) and cut almonds.

Note: The Makhane-ki-kheer is not as thick as the kheer made with rice and is generally more watery. So it should be cooled in the refrigerator. This will make it more compact.