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Rathyatra festival in Birmingham

The Rathyatra festival is not only restricted to India. It is also observed in many countries abroad where there is a presence of the Hindu community. The festival is celebrated even in Birmingham.

The Birmingham Rathayatra festival is organised every year by ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness') in Birmingham and supported by Birmingham City Council. Annually, the festival is celebrated in the city in August. 
A huge chariot with an idol of Lord Krishna installed on it is decorated with flowers and ornaments and pulled through the streets of Birmingham city centre in an energetic procession accompanied by soungs and chants from hundreds of Krishna devotees. 

The procession route ends in Victoria Square where there is a feast of delicious free vegetarian prasadam . During the occassion, an artificial village of market stalls comes up. Lively stage show performances are held throughout the afternoon and incldes music, drama and arts.

The event gives both non-white and white people an opportunity to enjoy the spectacle and also lets them know more about the culture and spiritualitybehind the festival and Krishna faith.

At present, the Rathyatra festival has become an annual event also in other places of the UK like London, Leicester, Brighton and Manchester. In San Francisco,the festival was first introduced n 1967 and it is still observed every year.