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Rath Yatra-Festival of India-What Rituals are Performed During Rath Yatra-Greeting-Image

                                      What Rituals are Performed During            Rath Yatra

The Rath Yatra is a community festival. People don't worship in their houses or fast.

Every year, three huge new chariots are made for the festival. The deities are bathed, dressed, and placed in their respective chariots. Amidst the beating of drums and gongs, and the blowing of conch shells, thousands of devotees pull the chariots through the streets to the Gundicha Temple. People come from far off places to take part in the event each year.

When the gods return, they're decorated and adorned with ornaments of pure gold, before being placed back inside the Jagannath temple on the tenth day.
An entertaining comic scene is enacted for onlookers, as part of the grand finale.