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Sant Gyaneshwar Jayanti-Festival of India-Prayer of Sant Gyaneshwar PAISA DAN..-Image-Greeting

Sant Gyaneshwar Jayanti

Prayer of Sant Gyaneshwar PAISA DAN..

O Omnipresent God within all of us living beings ,

Whatever efforts I have done by this poetry of life (Gyaneshwari Geeta)

Please elevate it to the heights of YOUR divine satisfaction..only then it can be universal & not mine alone!

Please grant me a boon for these efforts, for all living beings,

Let the knots of vices be undone in the hearts of the unwise and the cruel

Let their devotion and fondness for good deeds and be of service to all , by their proper actions, Increase ever so more..

Let the friendship between all the Living beings /mankind increase ever under your divine grace.

Let those wretched & unkind wallowing in the darkness of their vices-(laziness,Greed,Anger,Egotism,Jealousy,excess Desires,Ignorance of all these and thier cures..),see the LIGHT of truth,

So let Everyone,thus ,get this 'sunrise of knowledge of his /her own duties=Swadharama' and way of life, 

Let Everyone get this Godly goodness (of Swadharma) within ever and so let all their wishes and their unselfish desires come true,

Let YOU shower the purest Exhilaration of divine true Devotion on each of the Devottees we meet on this earth, and so let this Faith in HIM and each other increase ever so ever.

Come one and all to the 'state' where the The Tree and the Gem which fulfills all your Divine desires are calling you, 

So is the resounding call of this vast ocean of Faith which calls you all to drink this Ambrosia of the divine faith and bliss from its never ending source,(the Geeta) 

Let the Wise good men who are like spotless full Moon or heatless Sun,or
(saints are like the forever Giver tree=kalpavriksha, itself ,or like a parasmani-gem who can transform matter to divine or are like oceans of wisdom and faith )...

be omnipresent and Active for benefit of all,
Let all these people in the Bliss of the divine feel 'complete'=one with You in all the three Worlds of their existance , by worshiping YOU in their hearts always..

Let this book of love and universal happiness lead you ALL to be masters of your Outer and the Inner worlds,THE MIND ,by conquering all the vices and distractions ,seen and unseen and thus be able to see the PURE TRUTH,

O King-Lord of All the Three Worlds! Almighty omnipresent! 

This is the only boon I ask from you ever ,nothing else can please me now than bliss for all.I am happy O God for your grant of this boon of love within ,True Faith ,Truth , to the humanity..
Through this book Divine ,YOU, have written through me..