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About Canadian Tulip Festival

The Canadian Tulip Festival is Coming From April month This Festival Is Celebration in Canada in Monmth May.All it took was a little gift to drive the Canadians crazy - crazy as in nutty, barmy, loony, wild and batty. The madness began in 1945, when the people of Holland presented Ottawa 10,000 tulip bulbs for providing a safe haven for the Dutch Royal Family during World War II. 20,000 more bulbs arrived in 1946, 20,000 in 1947, 20,000 in 1948.......... 20,000 each year and this is the year 2012! That's a whole lot of bulbs! Neck deep in tulips, Ottawa became the Tulip Capital!

The tulip was a gift in perpetuity to the Canadian people for providing a safe harbor to the Dutch Royal Family during the Second World War. 

The festival's mandate is to preserve this heritage and celebrate the tulip as a symbol of international friendship by engaging local organizers, volunteers, artists, performers, tourists and festival-goers in what has become an annual ritual of spring and one of Canada's best loved and well-known cultural events.

The 2012 Canadian Tulip Festival events will take place in the ByWard Market, Little Italy, Chinatown and other popular, core business areas. From music in the streets, to the Great Canadian Tulip Treasure Hunt, a Mad Hatter Tea Party on Mother's Day, the International Pavilion, a kick-off party on May 4th and a Commemorative 60th anniversary Garden Party for the international community at “Blue Gables”, a former residence of the Dutch Royals in Canada during the Second World War, this year's commemorative edition promises something to delight visitors and residents alike!