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Urs Festival2012-Festival of Asia-Clebration in Srinagar

Urs Festival2012 

Clebration in Srinagar

Urs Festival is Muslim's Festival.This Festival is Celebration is All Worlds Muslim.In Srinagar this Festival is Celebrate Popularation.Srinagar is the Capital of the State of “Jammu and Kashmir” situated bordering Pakistan and People’s Republic of China. 

The festivals bring out the subtle difference between ethnic groups and nation. These festivities bring smile and happiness in your life. Each festival of Srinagar has secular parlance attached to it. The Urs  Festival in Srinagar marks the cultural identity of the Kashmiris.In Srinagar the saints, holy men and pious people are seen on the altar of life.

 The Urs  Festival in Srinagar is a portrayal of the reverence and admiration of the saints and pious people. This festival is related to the Sufi movement in the valley of Kashmir. The Urs  Festival in Kashmir takes places annually. This celebration takes place to recollect the death anniversaries of Muslim Saints.You will find inter communal participation in the Urs  Festival of Srinagar. It is in the Urs  Festival both the Hindus and the Muslim restrain their selves from taking in non vegetarian food. 

The ideology of Sufism was related to this festival. The Turks who still resides here believe in the love for their brethren and sentiments of brotherhood. The Urs  Festival is a regional festival that takes places in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Urs  Festival is a celebration of the “Pashtoons” who reside in the Kashmir Valley. It is in this festival the Kashmirs commemorate the death anniversaries of Urs of Meesha Sahib, Urs of Batamol Sahib and Urs of Bahauddin. The festival of Urs  Festival in Srinagar is popular despite extreme weather conditions. This festivity is one of the auspicious celebrations of Srinagar. People seek blessings from the holy men and messiah, during the festival. Browse to obtain thorough information on Urs  Festival in Srinagar.