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Vat Savitri Vrat-Festival of India-Story-Image

                               Vat Savitri Vrat Story

Savitri was the beautiful and charming daughter of king Aswapati of Madra Desa. She had chosen Satyawaan as her life's partner who was a prince in exile, living in the forest with his blind father Dyumatsen. The princess savitri left the dignitaries of palace and started living in forest with her husband and the in-laws in the forest. She took all pains and started looking to all her responsibilities as a devoted wife and daughter in-law.One unfortunate day, Satyawaan fell down from a tree and expired in the lap of his beloved wife, Savitri. As soon as the Satyawaan died, Yamraj appeared to take away the soul of Satyawaan from his body. But the deeply moved wife of Satyawaan, Savitri strongly pleaded and appealed to Yamraj for her husband’s life. She cried and begged for not getting separated from her husband. If at all he would take away the soul of her husband she would also end her life. Yamraj, the god of death, moved by the sheer determination and love of Savitri and returned the life of her husband.
Satyawaan came to life again and both of them lived happily thereafter. Like this Savitri achieved her husband’s life back with her dedication and devotion towards her husband.