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Ashadhi ekadashi' Dindi Yatra

The Dindi yatra commenced on 30 jun 2012 from the Sri Rama temple at Dharmavaram and continued for three days to reach Prashanti Nilayam on July 30, 2012. The Dindi was offered to Bhagavan on July 7, 2012, the day of Ashadi Ekadasi. The Dindi procession passed through over 40 villages of Ananthapur District before reaching Prashanti Nilayam. In all about 600 people, at various points, participated in the procession. The stay and food arrangements for the participants were done at various villages along the way. This year the procession was lead by sevaks chanting the Veda. This was followed by folk dances from different parts of Maharashtra, bhajans / kirtans and the palanquin carrying the padukas of Sai Vittala. Harikhata (relating the glories of the Lord) was performed by Shri Netra Guruji on all days during the evenings.