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Ashdhi Ekadashi About

Ashadhi Ekadashi is Hindu Festival.
This festival is coming from chrischan month in June-july and gujarati month Ashadh and Day of One.
This Festivalis an auspicious day of God Shri.Vitthal and is a festival of religious procession which is celebrated during the month of June-July.
As per the Marathi calendar, it is Aashadh Shukla Paksha.
People consider the two eleventh days, 'Ekadashi',of every month to be of special significance.And the eleventh day (bright) of Ashadh is known as the Maha (great) Ekadashi.
The proportion of satva,raja,tama components in every organism varies according to time/season (samay/kal).
On the eleventh day of each Hindu lunar fortnights,the satva component is maximum in all living beings.
So it benefits the most if spiritual practice is done on an ekadashi day.
Ashadhi ekadashi is also known by the following names - Maha Ekadashi(the great eleventh),Shayani Ekadashi (the sleeping eleventh),Prathama Ekadashi (the first eleventh) and the Padma Ekadashi.
It is believed that on this day, Lord Vishnu falls asleep and wakes up four months later on Prabodhini Ekadashi in the Kartik month(oct-nov).This holy day is very important for the 'Vaishnavas",being the followers of Lord Vishnu.