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Celebration and Rituls of Pandharpur Yatra

Pandharpyr Yatra is begin on Ashadhi Ekadashi. From Dehu, the procession starts with the sacred carriage of Saint Tukaram known as the ‘Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi'. Countless other palkhis too join the yatra during this course of 21 days from other townships and villages. Every year the number of devotees participating in Pandharpur Yatra increases. Currently more than 1 million people join this religious trek which marks it as the largest religious procession of the world. This unrivaled march of spiritually instigated hoi polloi severs the barrier between rich and poor, castes and creeds. Devotees chant prayers, dance and walk barefoot throughout Pune and Alandi before they reach Pandharpur. Villagers serve the marchers with food and water and provide them royal welcome.