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Doctor’s Day celebrations in India

Doctor’s Day is celebrated in India on the 1st of July every year. This day has been chosen as a mark of respect to the contributions made by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who left an indelible mark in the history of medical profession in India. July 1st was his birthday as well as his death anniversary in the year 1882 and 1962 respectively. There are several ways that this ay is observed.

Doctors can be greeted by their patients with greeting cards
Flower arrangements can be made to be delivered personally or to their chambers
Special meeting can be convened to commemorate the day and honor doctors for their performances
Commemorative dinners can also be arranged by hospitals or other organizations to felicitate the medical fraternitySignificance of Doctor’s Day celebrations

There may be several reasons that can be attributed to the significance of a Doctor’s day being celebrated in India.

The large population of India depends on the efficiency and responsibility of doctors to a large extent at all times
Doctors in India over the years have shown remarkable improvements and made definite progress in medical treatments that need to be acknowledged
It may also be seen as an encouragement and an eye opener to all such doctors who have been struck by a flailing career owing to a lack of commitment
There have been instances of public violence and protests against doctors when they have failed to perform. Doctor’s Day could be seen as an approach by the same people as a mark of respect for all those doctors who have relentlessly made efforts to sustain the life of their patients against all odds