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Father's Day Celebration in Australia

In Australia, Father's Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy. What is noticeable about Father's Day in Australia is its unique time of celebration. Unlike in US and several other countries where Father's Day is celebrated on the Third Sunday of June, Fathers Day in Australia is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. Hence, the date of Father's Day is never fixed.

Fathers Day celebration in Australia takes place in the same way as in several other countries around the world. Taking opportunity of the occasion, people express gratitude for father and thank them for all their care and support. Most often children gift flowers, neckties, chocolates or other gift to honor their dearest dad. Though the occasion is celebrated privately in households, several clubs and societies take initiative to organize special programmes to encourage and entertain people. Breakfast meeting for families is a common feature of Father Day celebration in Australia. Various types of games and activities are organized in such Father's Day get-togethers to strengthen the bond of love between father and a child.