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Father's Day Celebration in Ireland

Fathers Day in Ireland is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Fathers Day celebration in Ireland takes place on the third Sunday of June, the same day when several countries and US celebrate Father's Day. Taking full opportunity of the day, people honor their father and express affection and gratitude for them. 

Like in many other countries, people indulge their father by presenting them with loads of gift and allowing them a day of rest. Grown-ups take their fathers out for dinner or lunch or treat them with breakfast in bed. People whose father are no more, pay tribute by giving donations in the name of their father or by performing acts of service.

Several clubs and cultural organizations in Ireland organize Father's Day programs to stress on the important role played by father in the development of the child. 

An effort is also made to make fathers realize that they must make all efforts to fulfill with devotion and sincerity their responsibility as a father. Besides, children are also encouraged to pay full attention and respect to their father.