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Father's Day Celebration in UK

Father's Day in UK is celebrated in much the same way as it is celebrated in US. In UK too, Father's Day festival is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and therefore the date of the festival is never fixed. 

People celebrate the occasion by honoring their father and expressing affection for them by presenting popular gifts like cards, flowers, chocolates and neckties. Little children often give handmade gifts to their dad.

Several clubs, schools and cultural societies in United Kingdom organize Fathers Day parties and get-togethers and provide people an opportunity to celebrate the day. 
Games and fun-filled add joy to such celebrations.

It may also be noted that Father's Day festival has been commercialized in England to a great extent. Days before the festival marketers launch an aggressive advertising campaign to lure people and cash in on the sentimental value of the occasion.

 Though critics are very much against rude commercialization many people feel that marketing of the festival helps to create awareness about the day and therefore strengthen the bond of love shared between father and a child.