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Friday Vrat

There lived three friends belonging to different castes - Kayastha, Brahmin and Vaishya. They were married,but the Vaishya did not bring her wife home after the marriage.

On request from his friends,the Vaishya decided to bring his wife home.The Brahmin friend cautioned him that, it was setting Friday and was not an auspicious time. However the Vaishya was very firm and did as per his wish.

The girl's parents were surprised to see him and tried to convince him that it was inauspicious to travel during that period.However,the Vaishya took his wife and continued his journey back home.

On the way,the wheel of his chariot broke down,injuring his wife and the nearby dacoits looted him of all the valuables and cash he had.Further, near to his house, a poisonous snake bit him and he became unconscious.

The wife was depressed to know that her husband would live only for three days.The Brahmin friend came to know about how it happened. He sent the couple back to the in-laws house.

As the couple reached the house,the boy came back to his senses. Having realised their mistake, when the period was the rise of Friday, the couple were sent back home.Thereafter their life was very happy and joyful.