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Guru Purnima 2013

Guru Purnima is a day when we pay obeisance to the lifeline of the civilization of India - the guru-sisya-parampara or mentor-protege lineage

The guru occupies the same pedestal given to God. Spiritual growth is impossible without the help of a guru who is Brahmavitand Brahmajna – established in the state of God Realisation and has the skills to impart the subtle spiritual concepts.

He functions have an inspiring lecture by Jaya Row preceded by soulful bhajans, devotional songs, that set the right tone for spiritual enrichment.

On this day we re-dedicate ourselves to human Perfection. To study, assimilate and live Vedanta so that we may be able to pass it on to future generations. It is an acknowledgement of the importance of Vedanta in our lives. Vedanta makes us rajarishis – kingly without, sagely within. Minus the rishihood even material success eludes us.He is revered as the first guru although the guru-sisya parampara started long before his time.

A sportsperson’s natural gift acquires direction under the expertise of the coach. A musician’s talent is honed by the dedication of the mentor.

He personifies the combination of sagely wisdom of his father and the practical approach of the fisherwoman. It is essential to cultivate both to excel in life.

It is to this singular endowment that we pay our respects. And as a mark of gratitude we offer ourselves asguru daksina and pledge to continue the tradition for generations to come.

Oliver Goldsmith's saying

“And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew
That one small head could carry all he knew."

is an apt description of the great sage Vyasa to whom we offer our respects on the day of Guru Purnima.