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Hazarat Ali's Birthday - Image

Hazarat Ali's B’day is a great celebration in the muslim community. He was born in the Kaaba sanctuary of mecca, the holiest place in Islam on Friday the 13th Rajab, 30 amulfeel (year of the elephant) 11th October 599AD.

Hazarat Ali was the son in law and cousin of Prophet mohammed and ruled over the Islamic caliphate from 656 to 661. Ali was appointed caliph by Muhammad's companions in Madina after the assassination of the third caliph. His father was Hazrat Abu Talib, his mother was Bibi Fatima Binte Asad, his wife was Bibi Fatima Binte Muhammad and he was the father of Hazrat Hassan (AS), Imam Hussein (AS), Bibi Zaynab (AS) and Bibi Kulthum (AS).

Hazarat Ali's shrine

The twin blue domes of the Shrine of Hazrat Ali are one of Afghanistan's most iconic sights, and pilgrims come from across the country to pay their respects at the tomb contained inside. Although non-Muslims are forbidden entry to the shrine building itself, views of the building are to be much enjoyed from the pleasant park that surrounds the complex.

Importance to muslims

In Muslim culture, Ali is respected for his courage, knowledge, belief, honesty, unbending devotion to Islam, deep loyalty to Muhammad, equal treatment of all Muslims and generosity in forgiving his defeated enemies.