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Kaulan Of Guru Har Gobind Das Ji


The Qazi had a beautiful daughter, Kaulan who was a disciple of Mian Mir. From her childhood she had occupied her mind praising God's Name and remembering Him in the company of the saints. Through the holy company of Mian Mir, she had heard praises of Guru Har Gobind and she praised him in the midst of her own family. This incensed her father very much who addressed her,"O Infidel, you praise an infidel (Guru) and obey not the law of Mohammad, according to which it is forbidden, under penalty of death, to praise an infidel." Kaulan replied,"Father dear, the law of Mohammad does not apply to holy men. Saints are God's servants." On hearing this from her daughter, the Qazi burnt with bigotry and indignation. After consulting his brother Qazis, he issued an order for the execution of his daughter, Kaulan for her sin of transgressing the Mohammad law.

Kaulan's mother informed her daughter and Mian Mir about the order of the Qazi. Mian Mir recommended to aulan,"There appears no means of saving you here. It is better if you go to Amritsar and seek protection of Guru Har Gobind. None else but he can save your life." Kaulan heeded Mian Mir's advice and went to Amritsar.

Kaulan began her life at Amritsar under the protection of the Guru. She was given a separate building to reside. Kaulan found consolation in repeating following Sabad:

"O mother, I awake by association with the saints;

On seeing the love of the Beloved, I repeat His Name which is a treasure.

Thirsting for a sight of Him, I long and look for Him;

I have forgotten my desire for other things.

I have found Guru, the giver of composure and peace;

On beholding him, my mind is wrapped up in God.

On seeing God pleasure hath arisen in my heart; Nanak dear to me is His ambrosial Word."

(Kedara Mohalla 5, p-1119)

Quite a bit of time passed in this manner until one day she took all her jewels and placed them before the Guru and said,"O friend of the poor, please apply the price of these jewels to some religious object by which my name may be remembered in the world for sometime." The Guru got a tank excavated in her name with that money in 1621. The tank is still famous as Kaulsar in the city of Amritsar. Guru Har Gobind also constructed another tank called Babeksar commemorating the deliverance of his spiritual address on that spot to his followers. There are now five sacred tanks in Amritsar in the vicinity of Golden Temple:

Santokhsar, Amritsar, Ramsar, Kaulsar, and Babeksar.