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Legends of Pandharpur Yatra

The picturesque small town of Pandharpur is considered the sacred habitat of Lord Vitthala owing to the ancient surmise of Pundalik and Vitthala. According to the legends, once Lord Vitthala came to visit his devotee Pundalik who lived in Pandharpur. But Pundalik was busy handing round his parents; hence Lord Vitthala had to wait outside his doors for some time. Later on Pundalik came to him and sought his pardon. Impressed with Pundalik's dedication towards his parents, Lord Vitthala decided to stay by his devotee forever. Ever since, Pandharpur is considered the pious land of Lord Vitthala's residence. Bevies of shrines invoking ultimate religious fervor, which are also valued for their sculptural splendor, are the primary ensnares of Pandharpur.