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Minimg of Guru purnima Mantra 2013

Gukaro Gunateethaha
Rukaro Rupavarjithaha 

(Mining:--A Guru is necessary to make you understand the formless and attributeless Divinity. Since it is difficult to get such Gurus, consider God as your Guru.)

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru Devo Maheswara;
Gurur Sakshat Para Brahma Thasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

(Mining:--Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheswara. Consider Guru as your everything. In this world, Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma . All are the embodiments of Divinity. In fact, all that you see is nothing but the Divine Cosmic.)

Sahasra Seersha Purusha
Sahasraksha Sahasra Padh

(Mining:--All the heads, all the feet and all the eyes that we see in this world belong to God. When the Vedic statement, Sahasra Seersha... was made, the population of the world was only a few thousands, but now it runs into a few hundred croresIn those days, people considered everybody as Divine. They believed in the Vedic dictum, Sarva Bhuta Namaskaram Kesavam PratigachchatiIsavasyam Idam Sarvam . Divinity is not restricted to a particular place. God is here, God is there and He is everywhere. You are developing differences out of delusion, but Divinity is One and only One. It is the duty of a Guru to propagate such principle of oneness.)