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Rath Yatra In Amedabad Today History2012

Today in All indians celebrate Rath Yatra Festival.In Amedabad  Rath Yatra has a great history.Today gujarati nmonth Ashad sukla dooj(second day) date of 21st june 2012.Mahant shree Narsihdasji maharaj has Introducted the world faimous puri jagannath Rath yatra  in 1878 to Amedabad devotees.

Amedabad  Rath Yatra one of the colour ful religious event  of Gujarat.Twenty fully decorate elephant rout rath yatra in  city. Chif minister of Gujarat begins the rath yatra after perfoming Pahindvidhi.Am edabad Rath yatra is now celebrated as " Lokotsav" in Gujarat. You can also watch the Amedabad rath yatra official web site of    Amedabad rath yatra  and many tv Chennals telacast the event live today Rath yatra.